Interaction Design Project at SFSU: BOOM Checkout Process

In the Spring of 2015 I took Interaction Design at San Francisco State. The purpose of the class was to learn the process of how people interact with something. We were offered many potential projects, ranging from a kiosk environment to a mobile app to an specific process for a website. I chose the latter: the checkout process for a high end office supply company that offers same-day delivery.

Next I wrote personas of my target audience. Who will be using this site? I came up with 3 potential users, but focused one one. Then I created a simple storyboard to tell the story.

The next step in the process was to create a Task Flow for the site. How will this site work? What does the process look like? Below is my first attempt at the task flow. I thought that there would be 3 potential options for checking out: returning users, new users and guests. Additionally I thought that there should be a paypal option that circumvents the whole process, but does not allow for same-day delivery, unless you create an account.

Followed by my first wire frames of the site's checkout process.

From there I reworked the task flow and changed my direction to make the site more mobile-focused. Then I changed the persona story to be more of a mobile story. The final presentation included a culmination of everything I had done, as well as a clickable prototype.